June 13, 2024

What should you look for when buying fat burner supplements?

People are turning to fat burner supplements as obesity and weight gain reach epidemic proportions. Fat burners claim to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and increase fat and calorie burn.

Ingredients to look for

Certain ingredients have clinical backing showing they support weight loss through different mechanisms.

  • Green tea extract – Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound that boosts metabolism and fat burning. Studies show green tea extract promotes moderate weight loss.
  • Caffeine anhydrous – Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that revs up your metabolism and breaks down fat cells. It’s important to get caffeine anhydrous, which is purer and contains less water than other forms.
  • Forskolin – Derived from the Coleus forskohlii plant, forskolin stimstimulates release of stored fat from fat cells. Research indicates it encourages modest fat loss over 3-6 months.
  • Garcinia cambogia – This tropical fruit contains a compound called hydroxy citric acid that inhibits fat production and decreases appetite by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Garcinia shows some efficacy in aiding short-term weight loss.
  • Green coffee bean extract – Unroasted coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acids, which slow carbohydrate and fat absorption and stimulate metabolism through their antioxidant effects. Green coffee shows promise for achieving moderate weight loss.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid – CLA is a naturally occurring trans fat found in beef and dairy that blocks fat storage and reduces appetite. CLA supplements can lead to body fat reduction over time, especially when paired with exercise.

Evaluate quality

Choosing the best fat burning supplements requires considering the supplement itself and its ingredients and formula.

  • Be manufactured in GMP-certified facilities that follow stringent quality control procedures
  • Contains clean ingredients free of unnecessary additives and fillers
  • Have certificates of analysis detailing purity testing for safety from contaminants
  • Use veggie capsules rather than lower-quality tablet binders like magnesium stearate

Reading independent lab testing and looking for recognized seals like NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Choice help verify quality standards. Lower-quality supplements do not dissolve properly to release active ingredients.

Assess safety

Even natural fat-burning compounds have side effects at overly high dosages, so it’s critical to assess safety. Most experts recommend starting at the lowest effective dose and not exceeding label recommendations. Common fat burner side effects include jitteriness, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, increased heart rate, and blood pressure, and even cardiovascular risks for those with pre-existing conditions. Always consult your doctor before taking any new supplement if you take medications or have health conditions. Avoid products with stimulants if you’re sensitive to compounds like caffeine. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should refrain from fat burners until cleared by their OB-GYN, as the effects on the fetus are unknown.

How effective are they for weight loss?

While some research shows certain ingredients moderately support fat loss over 3-6 months, fat burners aren’t miracle pills that cause drastic weight reduction. Achieving meaningful weight loss requires following a calorie-controlled diet along with regular exercise and supplementation. If you struggle with hunger and cravings that sabotage your healthy eating efforts, a thermogenic fat burner provides appetite-suppressing and metabolism-enhancing benefits to enhance your results. Don’t anticipate dramatic changes from taking a supplement alone without making broader dietary and lifestyle changes.

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