June 13, 2024

How to travel with your weed pen safely and legally?

Since marijuana has been legalized across many states, more people are traveling with their weed pens and vape cartridges. Although it may seem harmless to throw your vape pen in your carry-on, there are some steps you should take to avoid any potential legal pitfalls.

Research Local Laws

While recreational and medical marijuana is legal in some places, it remains illegal in others. Some states only allow possession of certain amounts, while others have outright bans. Be sure to look up the specific laws where you are traveling to avoid accidentally breaking them. For domestic travel, look up the laws in the state you are traveling to. For instance, while California allows recreational cannabis, neighboring Nevada only allows medical use. For international travel, most countries still prohibit cannabis, sometimes even medicinal use, so be aware of strict laws overseas.

Properly Store Your Pen

To avoid any smells or leaks, properly store your weed pen and cartridges. Ensure your thc vape pen and any spare cartridges are turned off and have no way to accidentally turn them on when packed. Seal them in a smell-proof, child-proof container created to hold vape products. Plastic zip bags and regular pill bottles are not enough to contain odors. Stow your sealed weed pen case in your carry-on bag rather than checked luggage. This way you keep an eye on it through security screening. Do not try to hide it among toiletries or other items that look suspicious on an X-ray. Be prepared to remove it from your bag and declare it to TSA if necessary.

Limit What You Bring

When crossing state lines or international borders, limit how much cannabis you have on you. State laws vary greatly in the allowable amounts for recreational possession, from one ounce in Colorado to just half an ounce in Washington. In some countries like Canada, you legally enter with up to 30 grams of cannabis. Anything beyond legal limits potentially leads to trafficking charges, even if it’s for personal use. For vape cartridges, keep the number reasonable as well. Having a dozen carts could raise questions and suspicions, even if each one is within regulated THC percentages. Only bring what you reasonably expect to consume during your travels.

Follow TSA rules

Assuming it’s legal on ends of your route, you bring your weed pen and cartridges in your carry-on when flying domestically, as long as you adhere to TSA guidelines. Make sure it’s properly packed as described above to prevent any scents or leaks in flight. Be prepared to declare your cannabis at TSA checkpoints. As you go through security, state that you have a weed pen and vape cartridges before placing your bag on the belt. TSA will likely pull the bag for additional screening and inspection. Cooperate fully by removing your sealed container and providing any medical documentation. While cleared for domestic flights, vape pens and weed cartridges are still prohibited in checked bags per federal hazardous materials laws, so keep them in your carry-on only. Follow all other standard TSA liquid rules for carry-ons.

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