June 13, 2024

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Is Hair Transplant Capable of Providing Natural Hairline Design?

Cosmetic surgeries are gaining lots of popularity worldwide as the aesthetic factor has made a special position in every sector of employment. With the adequate qualification and experience good personality and looks have also become very important for a successful career. Hair loss could be a halt in that way for your personal, social and professional success. Healthy scalp is one of the most crucial cosmetic concerns as it creates the first impression being at the eye level. For hair loss sufferer, hair transplant could be life saviour as it is the only permanent treatment for hair loss and can bring back your lost confidence. Hair transplant is purely a restorative hair loss permanent solution which involves transfer of hair follicles from the donor area to the desirable bald area. The results produced by this procedure could be extremely natural if performed by a competent hair transplant surgeon. 

Is it possible to achieve natural hairline design by hair transplant?

Yes, it is obviously possible to achieve natural hairline design by hair transplant but there are certain factors associated with the procedure which needs to be considered. These factors are explained as follows: 

  • Competent hair transplant surgeon with high experience: The role of a competent hair transplant surgeon in providing the natural looking outcomes is inevitable. You should wisely choose a highly qualified hair transplant surgeon who is highly experienced. The years of experience and the number of cases performed should be checked prior to choosing the respective hair transplant surgeon. 
  • Advanced technique for hair transplant: The hair transplant industry is undergoing phases of advancements for betterment in the outcomes. It is better to choose the clinic which is utilizing advanced techniques to achieve natural outcomes. 
  • Artistic vision of hair transplant surgeon: Hair transplant procedure demands great sense of art along with the excellent surgical skills of the hair transplant surgeon. You should check the photo gallery of the respective hair transplant surgeon for ensuring the skills of the hair transplant surgeon.  
  • Use of latest technology armamentarium: Hair transplant clinic should have proper equipments of high standard and latest technology to ensure the successful and satisfactory natural looking results. The clinic should have in house high loop microscopes for better vision of tiny hair grafts so as to ensure the minute detailing of the hair transplant with least damage to hair grafts. 
  • Use of right hair transplant technique: The choice of hair transplant technique is a crucial step while planning for hair transplant. Most of the hair transplant surgeons blindly rely on FUE hair transplant technique for every case which is not right. Therefore, it is essential to choose the hair transplant surgeon wisely who uses holistic approach to select the techniques and other crucial decisions for hair transplant. The correct choice of hair transplant technique would surely ensure the natural and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. 

Elements of creating a natural hairline:

Hair transplant surgery should inevitably provide highly aesthetic and natural looking results as the procedure is permanent and once done cannot be reversed. Natural looking hairline is the aesthetic component of hair transplant surgery which should be considered critically. The elements which are required to design the natural hairline includes: 

  • Proper angulations of the follicular units: Each hair follicle is angulated in its specific direction which should be considered to achieve natural looking hairline. This could be ensured only when the hair transplant surgeon has artistic vision and creative skills.  
  1. Proper arrangement of follicular units: Each hair follicle is arranged keeping the natural pattern of hairline in mind. The hair grafts are implanted maintaining irregularly irregular zigzag pattern resembling the natural hairline. Linear arrangement of hair follicles would give wig like appearance.  
  2. Proper alignment of follicular grafts: The follicular units are properly aligned by judiciously selecting the location of hair grafts. The single hair grafts are transplanted preferably in the front line and the temporal triangles. On the other hand, the multiple thick grafts are preferably transplanted from the third row to achieve more coverage and fuller look. 
  3. The adequate number of hair follicles in each zone of hairline: There is a specific section of frontal scalp termed “extended hairline region” which is crucial in determining the natural outcomes. Extended hairline region comprises of 3 zones termed transition zone, defined zone and frontal tufts which needs to be considered as per the specific requirements of each zone. Single thin grafts with random orientation are preferred in transition zone. Multiple thick grafts with denser look is preferred in defined zone and frontal tufts. 


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