September 30, 2023
You Don’t Have To Live With Chronic Pain

You Don’t Have To Live With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can negatively affect your life but there are treatment options

Chronic pain can be debilitating.

It can affect almost every aspect of your life.

Along with physical pain, it can also affect your mental well-being.

Waiting and hoping the pain eventually goes away isn’t realistic.

If you do not seek treatment, the pain may gradually worsen.

Thankfully, you have treatment options.

You can start physio in North Perth.

Are You in Constant Pain

A physiotherapist focuses on diagnosing and treating issues with mobility.

Your chronic pain may be the result of a previous or existing injury.

While some pain is normal as you recover from an injury, sometimes it can also indicate an additional issue.

For example, a sprained ankle generally results in a tender, aching feeling. This type of pain typically subsides over time as the injury heals.

However, sharp or chronic pain can be a sign of another issue. A nerve may be pinched in the ankle resulting in chronic pain.

A visit to the best physio in Perth can lead to a diagnosis and your physiotherapist can create a treatment plan designed to alleviate the pain.

Do You Have Chronic Back Pain

Whether your physician refers to it as chronic back pain, lower back pain (LBP), or sciatica, it refers to the same discomfort.

Standing or sitting can result in pain that makes it difficult to move.

Ice packs and heating pads are not bringing relief, but starting physio in North Perth can bring relief.

A physiotherapist will assess your condition to determine the precise cause of your pain.

They will check to see if the pain is a symptom of a vertebrae compression or stress fracture. They will also evaluate you to learn if a kidney stone, herniated disc, or stenosis is the root cause.

If surgery is required to repair an injury, physiotherapy can help you recover more quickly while also minimizing the pain.

What About Pain in New Areas of the Body

The aging process often brings chronic pain to new areas.

Joint pain and muscle stiffness are only a couple of examples.

Even younger adults and teens can experience chronic pain.

Sometimes it is the result of an injury or health condition but did you know your pain can also be the result of stress?

When you are experiencing pain in a new area, it’s recommended to make an appointment with your primary healthcare provider.

Your physician may recommend adding physiotherapy to your treatment plan.

A physiotherapist will assess your condition and review your medical history to develop a treatment plan that fits your unique health needs.

Using a combination of exercises to strengthen and loosen muscles, you can successfully treat old and new reoccurring pain.

Where to Go for Treatment

You do not need to live with chronic pain. There are safe and effective treatment options.

The best physio in Perth can help you regain your full range of motion and eliminate or reduce your feelings of pain.

Schedule an appointment today and start living pain-free.

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