Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Medical billing issues are becoming an increasing problem for physicians. This can negatively impact their practice and hamper their revenue. Maintaining in-house staff is not always a feasible option as this can add to additional expenses for a provider. In such scenarios, outsourcing your billing to a professional medical billing company can be the answer to all your billing woes.

A billing company can help you revive your revenue and turn your clinic into a successful practice.

Here are some compelling reasons for why you should opt to hire a billing service today:

A billing service will ensure that your aging A/R is considerably reduced by aggressively following-up on claims with insurers and payers.

Training and managing in-house staff can be costly. With a billing company, you have dedicated support of billing specialists *24/7. This will also cut down the costs spent on operations and resources.

Substantial expenses are incurred on deploying technology and installing software to fill gaps in the processes and systems. A billing company will instill procedures and align their systems with your current processes to ensure smooth operation of the billing system.

An in-house biller may only be able to support billing for a particular specialty; a billing service has a team of specialists working for you and can support unique requirements of all kinds of practices and each specialty.

A new medical provider may not have the time to spare and look into his own billing, a billing company can take care of the business side of things while the physician can concentrate completely on looking after the patients’ health.

Medical billing services offer complete and customized solutions for all billing needs. Eventual Healthcare have been serving physicians and healthcare practitioners for more than ten years now. We understand what it takes to run a practice successfully; hence our solutions are tailored to suit your unique requirements. Our suite of services is advanced and we only apply the relevant industry practices to resolve billing issues. You can trust Eventual Healthcare Health to get it right the first time itself and to make a noticeable difference to the revenue stream of your practice.


Eventual Healthcare Credentialing Services is a national leader in Medical Credentialing, provider applications, enrollment forms, verification services, and other medical credential services. With today’s technology we can assist clients nationwide with their medical credentialing needs.

Eventual Healthcare provider application service processes and files documents for Hospital Privileging, Government Enrollments, Health Plan Paneling, State Applications, CAQH and Expirable Licenses to help new and existing individual providers, practitioners, allied professionals, medical groups, rehab centers, surgical centers and clinics to increase their productivity and profitability.

Eventual Healthcare clients benefit from the diversity of our staff’s experience and extensive knowledge of the credentialing industry, including Medical Staff Services, Managed Care Organizations and Health Plan enrollment processing. By utilizing Eventual Healthcare for your application needs, you are accessing highly qualified professionals. Eventual Healthcare brings a track record of outstanding customer service, superior quality standards and a unique approach to serve the diverse needs of our clients.

Eventual Healthcare  has been assisting medical professionals nationwide with medical applications and enrollment forms, hospital privileging and heath plan paneling for years. In addition to standard medical credentialing Eventual Healthcare specializes in physician assistant, nurse practitioner, allied health, behavioral, psychology, occupational, speech, physical therapists and social service, as well as Medicare and Medicaid/MediCal credentialing.

Coverage and Benefits Verification including Authorization Services

Getting the claims accepted, on the first submission!

Insurance eligibility verification is the most important and the first step in the medical billing process. Researches confirm that most of the claims are denied or delayed due to inadequate or incorrect coverage information provided by the patients during visits and current coverage information not updated by the office / hospital staff. This directly boils down to lack of or improper insurance eligibility verification.

Why opt for insurance eligibility verification

Insurance companies regularly make policy changes and updates in their health plans. Therefore, it is inevitable for the medical billing company or the provider to verify if the patient is covered under the new plan to help achieve maximum benefits of insurance eligibility verification. Confirming the insurance coverage facilitates acceptance of the claim on the first submission, whereas, non-verification leads to several discomforts like rework, decreased patient satisfaction and increased errors other than causing delays and denials.

At Eventual Healthcare, India, we understand the importance of insurance eligibility verification.

We help in reducing our clients’ revenue cycle

We minimize delays and denials considerably

We improve collections by reducing write-offs

Insurance eligibility verification process at Eventual Healthcare:

Receive Schedules of patients via EDI, email or fax or check them every day in the appointment scheduling software.

Verify patients’ insurance coverage with primary and secondary payers by making calls to the payers and checking through their authorized online insurance portals. We also contact patients for additional information, if required

Update the medical billing system with eligibility and verification details such as member ID, group ID, coverage period, and co-pay information and other benefit information.

In case of issues regarding a patient’s eligibility, we inform the client immediately

Our insurance verification team does effective verification of insurance thereby aiding dramatic reduction of the clients’ accounts receivable cycle. We ensure that all the claims sent to the insurance companies are “clean claims”, and that there is no delay in payment. Our insurance eligibility verification services ensure that the maximum benefits are achieved and time is saved.

Charge Entry

Charge entry is one of the key departments in medical billing. In the charge entry process, created patient accounts are assigned with the appropriate charges as per the coding standards. The charges entered will determine the reimbursements for physician’s service. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid any fatal charge entry errors which may lead to denial of the claims. Moreover, good co-ordination between the coding and charge entry team will produce enhanced results. Considering these facts, it is inevitable that you outsource charge entry to specialists in the field who can help you with increased collections by sending clean claims.

At Eventual Healthcare, India, we do charge entry as a part of the healthcare revenue cycle management services. Since we have prior experience in handling different renowned medical billing software and several medical specialties, we start with the process directly, saving staff training time and effort. We pre-define account specific rules in charge entry for different medical specialties which reduces the room for errors and contributes to clean claims.

Process of demographics & charge entry at Eventual Healthcare:

Demographics and charges are entered in to the client’s medical billing system based on account specific rules.

The pending or held documents are sent to the client for clarification, on a pre-determined schedule.

The final charges are audited by the Quality team and the clean claims are filed.

Benefits of availing Eventual Healthcare’s charge entry services:

Our staff has excellent skill-set in handling charge entry for different medical billing specialties. They don’t just do pure data entry but provide value addition. In fact, if they find an issue with the super-bill at the time of entry, the charge entry for that super-bill is put on hold and a clarification sought.

Our clients indirectly gain an additional day as all charge entry files scanned at the end of their day are completed and claims transmitted before they come in the following morning. This results in an improvement of at least one day in cash flows.

We employ professionals who have the ability to work under deadlines and do multitasking.

We have the ability to work on ‘rush hour’ projects by employing additional work force

Our multi-specialty billing and software expertise helps us in serving our clients in a better way.