Call Center Services

Eventual Healthcare Contact Center Services

Eventual Healthcare a global provider of Contact Center Services, Technology Services, Telecommunication Services, Legal Document Processing Services and Financial Services.

Our contact services have enhanced the customer satisfaction by providing fast, effective resolution and quality customer service. We provide our customers with a positive contact center experience which will improve the customer satisfaction and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Our technology services have consistently produced savings and provided our customers the ability to scale without risk. A number of technology providers rely on our team to manage the implementation cycle end-to-end. We deploy the right combination of people, process and technology through our trained staff.

Our telecommunications services enable Tier 1 carriers to execute complex back office operations and meet the evolving demands of converged networks in wireline, wireless, IP or Internet-based systems. We have specific domain expertise and relevant industry experience to deliver a full array of value-added services, which strengthen the market position of its customers, operating across the USA and Europe.

Our Legal Services help you create reliable legal documents whether it is incorporating a business or creating livings wills or filing for divorce and deeds. We process legal documents for our US customers, ensuring world class quality at a competitive price.

Eventual Healthcare employs a dedicated team of business analysts and technical professionals to meet market challenges and ensure risk-free service delivery. The scalable services of Omniglobe & its subsidiaries in India and the Philippines also respond fast to market demands and enable businesses to grow.

Finance and Banking Services

In Financial sector, we consolidate financial information of publicly listed companies. Typically, information is consolidated into an excel format from its financial sources such as 10Ks, 20Fs, 40Fs and Annual Reports. Quality control is performed which involves checking section totals and randomly checking various line item entries. Weekly reports are circulated to the client regarding project status and queries.

In addition, we provide Revenue Assurance services, which makes sure that accurate ‘Revenues’ are recorded for publicly traded companies for our Auditors. To record Revenues, we identify the products ordered by the customer, kind of additional services ordered or required and the total amount paid by the customer. Depending upon the services and products ordered by the customer, the total income generated was distributed monthly. Duration of this project was for 6 months. Quality check was performed on all transactions for accuracy.